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Interactive On-line Glass Tempering Training by Jonathan Barr

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Jonathan Barr now provides a new form of training for operators of glass tempering furnaces. This is fully interactive and is achieved without the need to visit a customer's site. The major advantages to glass processing companies are that there are no travel or hotel expenses involved, and the session is conducted on a one-to-one basis so the individual receives precisely the level of instruction required.

Using new software (called Mikogo) to transmit his computer desktop to your computer he can give a full training presentation and you have the ability to point on the screen with the selected point being visible to him. This software, when used in conjunction with VoIP allows him to give a live interactive presentation over the internet direct to you, the customer, on a broadband connection. The software, VoIP and Mikogo, is free.

You are able to see the presentation on your computer (with an LCD projector or large LCD TV it could be displayed in a training room to a group of people) and together with a microphone and speaker you and he are able to speak to one another (questions etc.) as though he were in the room with you.

If you would like a demonstration showing just how effective this system is, you only need to ensure that either Yahoo Messenger VoIP, or Skype VoIP, is installed on your computer with a microphone and speaker and that you have a broadband connection.

Then email Jonathan Barr at

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