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70th Conference on Glass Problems - October 13 and 14, 2009

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The 70th Conference on Glass Problems will take place at the Ohio State University on 13 and 14 October 2009. The Conference on Glass Problems first met in 1934 and is now the largest US industrial glass meeting. Attendees from around the world will meet for two days and discuss the latest innovations and solutions to manufacturing issues and the future of the glass industry.  The Conference on Glass Problems is proudly sponsored by the


Tuesday, October 13

8:00 am Tabletop Exhibits

9:00 am Welcome

-Gregory N. Washington, Interim Dean, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University

-Rudolph Buchheit, Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The Ohio State University

Glass Melting

Session Chairs: Ruud Beerkens, TNO Glass Technology – Glass Group, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Tom Dankert, O-I, Toledo OH and Larry McCloskey, Toledo Engineering, Toledo OH

1. Rapid Refining of Submerged Combustion Melter Product Glass

David Rue, Gas Technology Institute, Bruno Purnode, Owens Corning, Granville OH and Aaron Huber, Johns Manville, Denver CO

2. Modeling of the Quality of Glass Melting Processes

Adriaan Lankhorst, Andries Habraken, Mathi Rongen and Dries Hegen, TNO Glass Group, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

10:00–10:30 am Coffee Break and Tabletop Exhibits

3. Process Optimization of the Glass Forming Process by Advanced 3D Forming Models

Erik Muijsenberg, Glass Service, Maastricht, The Netherlands

4. Operational Experience of an Oxy-Fuel Glass Melter using an Improved Silica Crown and Wide Flame Burners

Alonso Gonzalez., Grupo Pavisa, Naucalpan, MX, Wladimir Sarmiento-Darkin, Praxair, Tonawanda NY, John T. Brown, GMIC, Corning NY, Len Switzer, Praxair, Burr Ridge IL and Euan Evenson, Praxair, Tonawanda NY

5. C’mon, Level with Me

Terry Berg, CertainTeed, Athens GA

12:00 noon Luncheon

Fawcett Center for Tomorrow, Banquet Rooms Tabletop Exhibits

1:30 pm The Future of the Glass Industry and Environmental Regulations

Session Chairs:
Dick Bennett, Johns Manville, Littleton CO, Terry Berg, CertainTeed, Athens GA and Phil Ross, Glass Industry Consulting, Laguna Niguel CA

6. Managing Energy and Climate Risks in the Glass Industry

Peter Garforth, Garforth International, Toledo OH

7. How Big is my Carbon Footprint

Todd J Seifried, Christopher J Hoyle and Douglas H. Davis, Toledo Engineering, Toledo OH

8. ICG: A Global Cooperation in the Challenging World of Glass

Fabiano Nicoletti, Stevanato Group, Piombino Deve, Italy and René Vacher, University of Montpellier and CNRS, Montepellier, France

9. Particle Size Measurements in the Flue Gas of Glass Melting Furnaces - An ICG-TC 13 Activity

Andreas Kasper, Saint Gobain, Herzogenrath, Germany, Simon Slade, NSG / Pilkington Group, Ormskirk , United Kingdom, Dilek Bolcan, Siseçam, Istanbul, Turkey and Guy van Marcke de Lummen, Asahi Glass, Jumet, Belgium

10. Ceramic Filter Elements for Emission Control and NOX Reduction at High Temperatures

Andrew Startin, Clear Edge, Seckington, United Kingdom

11. Requirements for Glass Compositions for Solar Applications

A. Ganjoo, L. J. Shelestak, J. W. McCamy and M. Arbab, PPG Industries, Cheswick PA

12. Materials and Geo-Political Strategies

Peter Wray, American Ceramic Society, Columbus OH

4:00–5:30 pm Tabletop Exhibits

Wednesday, October 14

8:00 am Energy

Session Chairs: Martin H. Goller, Corning, Corning NY, Elmer Sperry, Libbey Glass, Toledo OH and Carsten Weinhold, Schott, Dyrea PA

13. Coal Pyrolysis and Char Gasification – Without the “Mess” of the “Dirt”

Albert Calderon, Energy Independence of America, Bowling Green OH

14. Syngas Production - Pyrolysis / Steam Reforming for Libbey Glass

Douglas Struble, Red Lion Bio-Energy, Maumee OH

15. Heat Recovery on a 500 MT/D Float Furnace

Niels A. Rozendaal, OPTIMUM Environmental & Energy Technologies, Arnhem, The Netherlands

16. Macro Energy Balances

John Brown, GMIC, Columbus OH

17. Stack Gas Calculation Issues

C. Philip Ross, Glass Industry Consulting, Laguna Niguel CA

10:00–10:30 am Coffee Break and Tabletop Exhibits

18. Increase of Glass Production Efficiency and Energy Efficiency with Model-Based Predictive Control

Menno Eisenga and Erik Muijsenberg, Glass Service, Maastricht, The Netherlands and Jörg Buchmayer, Gerresheimer Lohr, Lohr, Germany

19. Gob Assist, an Indispensable Tool for the Glass Industry

Joop Dalstra, XPAR Vision, Groningen, The Netherlands

20. Temperature Distributions in Glass Gobs between Shears and Blank Mold: Calculations and Measurements

Hayo Müller-Simon, Gesine Bergmann, HVG, Offenbach, Germany

12:00 noon Luncheon

Fawcett Center for Tomorrow, Banquet Rooms Tabletop Exhibits

1:30 pm Refractories

Session Chairs: Warren F. Curtis, PPG Industries, Pittsburgh PA, Dan Wishnick, Siemens, Spring House PA and John Tracey, North American Refractories, Cincinnati OH

21. Postmortem of a Conventional Silica Brick from a Soda-Lime Float Glass Furnace Crown

Warren Curtis, PPG Industries, Pittsburgh PA

22. Respirable Ceramic Fibers

Joe Ventura, Safety Controls Technology, Bedford Heights OH

23. Refractory Solutions for Extra-White Glasses

Michele Blackburn, Saint Gobain SEFPRO, Louisville KY

24. Testing and Performance of Fusion-Cast Refractories

Amul Gupta and Kevin Selkregg, RHI Monofrax, Falconer, NY and Roland Heidrich, RHI Refel, San Vito al Tagliamento, Italy

25. Mullite Regenerators - An Optimum Solution

Chris Windle, DSF Refractories & Minerals, Nr. Buxton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


For Further Information:

70th Conference on Glass Problems

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Conference Director

Charles H. Drummond


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