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Li Nuo Group was awardedthe honorary title of “Shandong 60 years, 60 brand&amp”

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On October 11, "Shandong 60 years, 60 brand" Award Winners was announced. the Award was announced by the Qilu Evening News, co-sponsored the Institute and the media.Li Nuo Group,which was named "China's solar energy leader" in the industry, was elected. Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao Beer, Langchao, Jinan Iron and Steel and other well-known enterprises in various fields was listed. Jury experts agree that these companies be able to register eligible, from more than 300 enterprises in the final really win well-deserved.

Li Nuo Group was born in fifteen years ago, "Li nuo" brand influence is from small to big, from weak to strong, which reflects a new course of development of China's solar energy industry to a certain extent. At present, the enterprise already has a Chinese brand name, two well-known trademarks in China, five famous trademarks, 17 provincial-level famous brands products. This award is another recognition from government, media, peers and the general consumers. Group Vice President Shen Wenming on behalf of enterprises in the award-winning speech said that “Let the Chinese people to spend cheap hot water, to the leave skin the taste of the sun. Li Nuo Group diligently pursuing the goal. Since its birth, Li Nuo Group put the sunny development of the health industry in a prominent position. Words and deeds establish brand image. Eternal Sunshine bright "Li nuo" brands."

"Shandong 60 years, 60 brand" activity is aimed at celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of New China and promoting the career development of Shandong Brand, in order to select the leading brands which is received by the public love and respect and outstanding contributes to economic and social development with high socio-economic and cultural values.

At 3:00 p.m. on October 11, "Shandong 60 years 60 brand" named event grand prize presentation ceremony was held in Jinan.

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