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IRICO Group Development of thin-oriented for LCD glass substrate made a major breakthrough in a row

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In order to meet the development trend of LCD glass substrate thin-oriented, IRICO Group recently used the G5 LCD glass substrate production line to lightening the products with the thickness of 0.7mm and has produced 0.63mm and 0.55 LCD glass substrate, making a major breakthrough in a row.

In order to continuously enhance the IRICO Group competitiveness of LCD glass substrate and follow to the international glass substrate market trends, IRICO succeeded to produce the first piece G5 LCD glass substrate on Sept.8 2008. In just one year, the IRICO Group overcame the difficulties, continued to accumulate and sublimate the knowledge and experience. At the same time of achieving the steady improvement in the first production line, the Group actively proceed to carry out the technology research of lightning trial. The group made fully prepared in the status quo analysis, material preparation and personnel division areas.

Form 0.7mm to 0.63mm, the central change number is only o.07mm; from 0.7mm to 0.5mm, the thickness is reduced 0.2mm. Process margin and equipment operational capabilities are faced with difficult technical challenges. IRICO Group gave full play to their own R & D and innovation, meticulous organization, and repeatedly demonstrated. In the end, the Group succeed to produce that two glass substrates.

The success of the research of lightening glass substrate is another important break for IRICO Group in the are of LCD glass substrate technology, which markes that IRICO Group makes another rapid pace in glass substrate manufacture level.

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