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Xinyi Glass Decorative Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion

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In order to fully demonstrate China Pavilion "red coat" and reflect concepts of tradition and modernity, harmony, energy saving and environmental protection, the external walls of China National Museum are all used in the present the most advanced energy-saving environmental LOW-E insulating glass which is a new kind of energy-saving safety glass that is produced by using Low-E coatings, hollow, laminated, steel production process and other technologies. The new glass not only can reflect heat and reduce energy consumption, also has a significant effect of sound and thermal insulation.

Xinyi Glass Engineering Company established the China Pavilion project team, designated persons responsible for the project and prepared a production control scheme and made quality control standards to produce good products. In addition, the company has also set up the special production line only for China Pavilion project. Production used JIT (just in time) pull-type production model to ensure the production of non-stop operation.

In Expo project, apart as China's sole supplier of energy-saving glass for the museum, at the same time, Xinyi Glass is he exclusive supply of energy-saving glass
for the World Expo Macao Pavilion. At present, glass products for the Macao Museum have been in full swing for production.

As one of the major suppliers in the world's high-end energy-efficient architectural glass industry, Xinyi Glass has provided Energy-efficient architectural glass products for many projects, such as Beijing Olympic Games Information and Communication Center - Digital Beijing Building, NPC body building, Guangzhou Victory Building, Shenzhen Excellence Times Square, Shenzhen Changhong Science and Technology Building, Singapore Bio-Valley, Shenzhen Universiade Center stadium.

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