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CriSamar STEP non-slip glass also achieves DIN 51097 (Barefoot) certificates.

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The new non-slip flooring glass line CriSamar® STEP, from Sevasa, goes a step further achieving and offering all the degrees of DIN 51097 (non-slip for barefoot) Norm.

The need to prevent slips and falls is a must at places where floor can be very wet. This wet-loaded barefoot areas must achieve a non-slippery degree (such as swimming areas) .

CriSamar® STEP 19 designs and finishes, offer specific textured surfaces for a high draining effect, channeling the water and avoiding the so called “aquaplaning”, being this texture the one that enhances grip in the event of wet-loaded areas.
Besides DIN 51097 Norm, the non-slip floor glasses CriSamar® STEP also offer the DIN 51130 certificates for footwear, are UL 410 Approved and achieve all UNE-EN 12630 requirements, becoming the market’s wider range of non-slip floor glass to choose from.
APPLICATIONS: around swimming pools, changing rooms, bathrooms, beach areas, outdoor in general,…
COLORS: extraclear (opti-clear), clear, bronze, grey, blue, green and mirror.
THICKNESSES: from 3 to 12 mm (1/8” to ½”)
SIZE: standard 225 x 321 cm. (88” x 126”)
The elegance of glass with the highest non-slipping safety.

Source: SevasaAuthor: shangyi

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