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Saint-Gobain Solar Expands On the PV Tiles Solar Roofing Market With An Innovative Partner: Solaire France

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Saint-Gobain Solar, Saint-Gobain’s solar energy-dedicated business, has just signed a partnership agreement with an innovative and experienced player on the photovoltaic market: Solaire France. Founded by Mario and André Posnansky, the men behind SUNSTYLE, the integrated PV tiles roofing system, this firm’s expertise stems from over 25 years’ R&D in the solar energy field.
Through this partnership, Saint-Gobain Solar becomes a supplier of one of the highest performing PV tiles systems, resolutely innovative in its design and visual aspect. For Fabrice Didier, Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Solar, "This solar roof is at the leading edge of PV-building integration techniques. Saint-Gobain Solar is proud to be able to offer its clients a roofing system which is not only eye-catching and easy to install, but also perfectly watertight".
As for the co-managers of Solaire France, Mario and André Posnansky, they underline that "thanks to this partnership with Saint-Gobain, associating our know-how with that of a worldwide building expert will leverage the wide-scale distribution of the SUNSTYLE system".
Solaire France, based in Rivesaltes (66)
designed one of the world’s largest roof-integrated solar power stations on the site of Saint Charles International in Perpignan (France), Europe’s number one fruit and vegetables distribution centre. As project developer, Solaire France ensures the delivery of SUNSTYLE roofing systems with a total power of around 9,000 kWc, comprising PV tiles supplied by Saint-Gobain Solar.
Saint-Gobain Solar
combines all Saint-Gobain businesses in the solar sector. Present over the whole value chain, Saint-Gobain Solar’s strategy hinges on three independent activities:
- the manufacturing and sale of high-tech components for PV modules (special glass, high-performance plastics…) and high-performance mirrors designed for solar thermal plant operators.
- the production of thin-film PV modules based on CIS technology (Copper, Indium, Selenium), designed for distributors and integrators.
- the design and marketing of PV solutions for residential homes, office buildings, industrial and farm installations.
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