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Jiuzhou Glass Hand withTsinghua University to To create the domestic first-class vessel industry

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On October 11, Jiuzhou Glass Products Co., Ltd. formally entered into a collaboration with Tsinghua University. After that, Tsinghua University will become the only university which can establish Glass Fine Arts Department that will regularly send its outstanding graduates every year to come to enterprises to participate in social practice to provide the most cutting-edge technical support for enterprise development.Vice-Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative, President of City Federation of Industry Yuan Taiping and Deputy Mayor Li Suiye and other people attended the launch ceremony of cooperation projects.

Jiuzhou Boli is also the only one to hand with the domestic famous universities. Recenty, glassware industry in Chengqu is the leader in the same industries. However, As the entire industry started late, fully market-oriented economy has not formed. Macro-imbalances in some regions or departments have also often happened. So this cooperation will be more beneficial to the improvement of the enterprise market competitiveness and risk-resisting ability. At the same time, it can also help the enterprise to cope with immediate finanial crisis and lay a solid foundation for creating the domestic first-class vessel industry.

Vice-Chairman of Municipal Political Consultative Conference, Ma De hoped that the company should catch this rare opportunity to innovate new technology and cooperation, joining hands to create a better future.

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