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The world's first electronic float production line was born in Jinniu

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In rencent 20 years, with the rapid improment of international scientific and technological level of new materials, E-Float Glass which is heat does not rise has cold-indented, non-conductive, non-thermal, only magnetic or not, that has become the main bottleneck for the further development of many developed countries, aerospace, aviation, military, industrial and household appliance industries.E-Space Glass which is needed today  only come from rolling crystallite plant by flating, grinding, polishing and a series of deep processing process. But these process not only add the cost and weaken the surface strenght, but also carry a great deal of pollution to the nation. So how to get rid of this dilemma became  a common concern and research topics throughout the developed world.

As state-level high-tech enterprises, the State Torch Program project implementation unit, Jinniu Group has received the Special Contribution Award of Science and Technology by United Nations and tackle this task as a sacred mission of their own. Through years of effort, Jinniu Group succeeded to produce the world exclusive 4mm E-ceramics-glass  by using

Float Process. this kind glass has higher intensity, higher anti-temperature and better flatness. With the stability of production and expansion of this glass, the old technology will be drawed a full stop in the history.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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