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Xinyi City held a seminar of Glass industry

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October 17, Xinyi City held a seminar of glass industry and invited China standing director of Energy Conservation Association and Vice Chairman of Professional Committee of China glass industry furnace, Wang Chenya and other seven persons as a specialist term to explain the glass production technology and introduce production experience.

Recent years, relyed on the rich quartz sand resources, Xinyi City greatly develop comprehensive Utilizationand deep processing industry of quartz sand. The glass industry is developed rapidly. In 2008, there were over 110 glass manufacturers and quartz sand processing enterprises.Industrial scale reaches 10 billion yuan or more. But the industry also exsits many problems such as Intensive Industries is low, the struction is not quite rational and technical level is not high. Experts provides many rational suggestion about independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, enterprise modern management concepts, energy-saving environmental protection, hedging against market risks and other important part of enterprise development to help the glass industry in Xinyi improve the technological level and the ability to respond to market changes.

Zhu Bo pointed that the glass industry in Xinyi should strengthen the guidance and increase support by the government. Various units and departments should focus on the development of the glass industry with good services. Besides consolidating and developing the existing industrial chain, they should enhance the value-added products and upgrade products. Xinyi City board industry cluster and the board Glass Industrial Park will continune to strengten the park's bearing capacity and aggregation degree to make a greater contribution to the development of Xinyi's economy.

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