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Glass Countertops are the Latest Trends in Kitchen and Bath Designs

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The use of pure glass countertops is one of the latest trends to hit the kitchen and bath market. And, according to some manufacturers, it’s also a green choice, as many are available 100 percent recyclable.

“Glass countertops have been around for years,” says Bertrand Charest, president of ThinkGlass, a manufacturer of glass countertops in Montreal, ”but new models offered to discerning consumers are more appealing than ever. We are not talking about recycled glass countertops here, but pure glass countertops.”

Charest adds, “With concerns about hygiene, radon emission from other materials, safety and the environment, pure glass is a clear winner. It does not require sealing like [some other materials], making it a healthy product.”

In addition to aesthetics, Charest says there are a number of reasons to use pure glass countertops. He says they are maintenance free, hygienic, non-porous and can endure a high temperature without cracking or scorching. He also says they can have a textured finished underneath that can help mask fingerprints and allows scratches to go unnoticed. They are also eligible for LEED and NAHB Model Green Home points.

“Glass countertops are suitable to a wide range of clients, from the baby boomer who wants to entertain to the young family who wants to have an easy-to-clean countertop,” says Charest. “The good thing with glass countertops is that with just a bit of water and a cloth, you can clean it within seconds.”

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