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Vacuum glass deep processing project is located in Lu'an Development Zone

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On October 21, Vacuum glass deep processing project with a total investment of 818 million invested by Bengbu San Bao Group was offically located in Lu'an Development Zone. The project took an area of 400mu and was divided into two phases. The first phase will be completed during 18 months After the first phase is put into production, it will realize annual output value of 620 million yuan, Tax 50 million yuan. When the project is totally completed, the annual production capacity will reach 2 million square meters per year. At the same  time, San Bao Group will cooperate with Lanxiang Glass strongly. An industrial plate mainly based on deep-processing of vacuum glass and float glass will be formed and fill the industry gaps in our province.

Bengbu San Bao Group are fully optimistic about a  current huge market at home and abroad of vacuum glass. And it will use patented technology and introduce the most advanced  production lines, new processes, new materials to produce the new products which has higher heat insulation, heat insulation and sound insulation performances and more durable, stable, reliable and environmentally friendly than ordinary hollow glass. These glass are mainly used in all kinds of high profile buildings, home and office space.

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