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Energy-saving glass coating will enter people's homes

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Jada Hi-Tech Company firstly produced insulating glass coating for civilian use in the world. The product can help people easy to use at home to achieve the effect of energy saving. Construction Tools is a rag.

This insulating glass coating is  made with nano-powders as thermal insulation materials. The glass with that coating can effectively block infra-red in the sunlight. But it will not significantly affect the visible light through the glass. After the company's test, this coating can reduce the indoor temperature of 1 ℃ -2 ℃, the equivalent of air-conditioning energy savings of 15%. Shenzhen's summer is long, this glass coating is expected to reduce people's reliance on air conditioning.

At same time, the coating simplified  the construction process. According to reports, the product is likely to enter the terminal market by a major channel through the furniture business.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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