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Emhart Glass: PPC Developments

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In recent years, more than 100 PPC (Plunger Process Control) systems have been successfully installed. PPC is a full stroke sensor-based monitoring system that:
• Monitors the entire plunger motion during the forming process
• Controls the gob weight
• Enables optimization of variables such as lubrication cycles and swabbing
• Improves the understanding of the forming process
• Allows easy trouble-shooting of mechanical faults and variations
• Automatically rejects ware produced outside operator set limits
The equipment was developed for Narrow Neck Press and Blow and Press and Blow processes, but has been extended over the years to cover the NIS machine family.
Continuing our culture of continuous improvement, the latest systems are now able to display plunger motion in the Blow and Blow process, thus giving users for the first time, an actual visual display of what happens inside a plunger mechanism in blow and blow operation. Problems with alignment, wear, dirt, lubrication etc., can now be identified and corrected more quickly and with more confidence than in the past.
Further improvements in the user interface of the system have also been developed. Now the new LED display allows the operator to see the last rejects, actual weight and cavity-based deviation from this set point, and an on-line status of cavity-based rejects. This display can be placed in position where it can be seen easily from a distance by the operator, allowing him to see and react more quickly than in the past.
All installed PPC systems can be upgraded with these new features. To learn more about the PPC developments please contact your local Emhart Glass representative.
Please forward inquiries and comments to: Glass.Tidings@emhartglass.com

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