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Soda ash market stable in October; Great resistance in November

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In October, China soda ash market kept stable. The quotation from the soda ash manufacturers all over the country had a rising trend. The production capacity has a certain rising. And the improved degree in South is better than that in North. But device level is still under low load operation and the inventory is a little high. Downstream industry, especially iron and steel, cement, glass, chemicals, pesticides industries have no power to come back. Soda ash export volume is still at a low level. Average price in domestic heavy soda ash market is about 1,100 yuan / ton and light soda ash market is about 1,000 yuan / ton, unchanged from the previous month. The domestic soda ash market is still facing greater pressures. Production is still around more difficulty business environment.

Soda ash production situation has improved. Production plant in October is about 72% of the average run rate, an increase of 2% more than last month. Although no significant sales growth, but it  has improved over the previous month. Enterprise product inventories fell.

Soad ash industry provides many measures such as controling production, stabilizing the market and rising the price at a certain degree to avoid the falling trend. But because the downstream industry is facing heavy presure, though improving the quotation, the market still didn't have any  substantial increase. Soda enterprise product inventories declined, but the state is still relatively high, sales resistance is still large.

U.S. dollar exchange rate continued to decline. RMB exchange rate faced by the ever-increasing upward pressure. The situation made disadvantages to soda ash export. At the same time, some countries carried out restrictions on China's iron and steel, glass and other exports, so that the resistance of China's soda ash exports is increased.

Soda ash industry will continue to be a more difficult time in November. Lack of market demand made a greater impact on the soda ash market and the season reason. Iron and steel, glass, cement and other industries will appear decreased in varying degrees. Therefore, the soda ash industry will be affected.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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