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Window Film Company Helps Customers Improve Marketing

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Solamatrix, manufacturer of the architectural window film Sun-Gard, recently sponsored an educational session with Guerilla Marketing chief executive officer David Fagan to educate its dealers with tips on how to sell effectively geared toward small business owners. Fagan presented his audience with 13 tips toward becoming a “guerilla rainmaker.”

  1. Be a business person first, Fagan advised. Part of that includes watching who you sell to, what you sell and how you sell - and how that can be changed to sell more. As an example he mentioned Best Buy’s Geek Squad, which changed what they sell (computer services over products) as well as how they sell (online versus in a retail location).
  2. Know how to play the odds. “Not everything works for every person, every time, every place,” Fagan reminded his listeners. Do the types of things that are most likely to work, he said. He also pointed out that when learning new best practices, it doesn’t always necessarily work the first time.
  3. Be creative. According to Fagan, guerilla marketing means finding unconventional ways to reach conventional goals.
  4. Be in touch with reality. Many business people have a “perception” of what works, Fagan said, but it’s important to know what’s really going on around the company.
  5. Guerilla Rainmakers practice more than they play, Fagan said. As he pointed out, business people need to prepare in advance to know how best to accomplish their goals. Having a plan for tackling the sale is critical.
  6. Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. Fagan added that these supportive people make it easier to make the right decisions. He noted that this refers to customers as well as salespeople. If you want a really good strategic partnership, Fagan said, ask yourself “who do I know who knows who I want to know?”
  7. Follow the laws of multiplication. Find out how you can send one message to a large audience.
  8. Focus on advice over price. Fagan insisted business people need to get rid of the mentality of price being the most critical part of a sale. Talk to people about value, he advised, adding that business owners and salespeople should make it their number one goal to discover how to make customers profitable and what they can do to help the people they want to do business with.
  9. Ask questions. Find out what the customer really needs before trying to make the sale. Don’t spend 30 minutes talking about your flat glass warranty only to discover the installer is looking for an auto glass product.
  10. Chase leads, not sales. Fagan advised finding new ways to generate leads through avenues such as social media, writing articles, etc., to generate new leads. He advised offering something free, whether coupons or a free report, on the company website to capture contact information and generate new leads.
  11. Guerilla rainmakers are “on purpose.” Have a plan and manage time effectively, Fagan said. As he pointed out, if you can be more effective for one hour each day, you’ve essentially added six weeks to your year.
  12. Work hard. As Fagan pointed out, there’s no award for the person who works the most hours, it’s for the person who is the most profitable. It is critical to use your time effectively, he said.
  13. Follow-up. Fagan noted that after you’ve spent the time and money to generate leads, you have to follow-up to keep from continually starting over. And, as he pointed out, “To really follow-up well you should be embracing technology.”

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