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Fenton Glass Coming to the Small Screen

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It's been in the works for almost a year, and Tuesday folks across the nation can catch a glimpse of Fenton Art Glass on the small screen.

The upcoming Dirty Jobs episode that takes you inside the Fenton factory has locals and out-of-towners excited for the big premier.

Jaci Slee loves Fenton Glass, and has collected it for about 20 years. The only problem is, she lives about three hours from the factory and the gift shop.

"My friend looked in my china cabinet and saw a Fenton dish and said, 'well that's beautiful.' I said, 'well let's make a road trip.' So, that's why we decided to come," Slee said.

Leaving far from empty handed, Slee is just learning she can soon get a behind the scenes look at how the glass is made from her own home.

Last November, a Discovery Channel crew filmed the factory for an episode of Dirty Jobs, where host Mike Rowe tries his hand at some of the hardest, dirtiest jobs out there.

"We watch it at home of course, but we didn't know Fenton Glass was a dirty job," Slee said.

Fenton Art Glass already attracts people from all over, but it's the local people who are anticipating seeing their friends and neighbors on national television.

"I'm excited," Diane Reed from Williamstown said.
"I am too," Linda Miller said. "Get us on the map here."

Reed and Miller work at the Woolen Willow Quilt Shop in Williamstown, and they'll tell you just what Fenton means to the community.

"You have to have a Fenton lamp if you live here," Reed said.

"Lots of times there are people who come through, stopping here, but heading for Fenton," Miller said.

Now people everywhere will have the chance to see how something so beautiful can actually take a hard and dirty day's work.

The Fenton episode of Dirty Jobs is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel this Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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