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Mr. Wang went to Jinan Linuo for a research

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On the morning of Nov.5,  vice president of Shandong Province, Wang Junmin went to Jinan linuo for a research, accompanied by Secretary of Shanghe County Li Kuanduan and Director, Jiang Tao. The vice president of Linuo Group Li Risheng made a report about the situation of the development of the group. Mr. Sun, CEO of Linuo Group introduced the business management situation. Mr. Wang gave full recognition to Jinuo Group's efforts that they tried their best to develop new products and enhance international market development. which made the Group keep a steady development trend.

At the same time, Mr. Wang made a number of requests:

1. the company should continue to increase new product development efforts and develop more high value-added products such as crisper. Developing new products to meet thedemand of the market and improve the market competitiveness;

2. To enhance the maintenance and construction of independent brands, pay attention to the work of marketing, strengthen the marketing team-building, product sales should beequal emphasis on foreign and domestic markets, expand the scale and impact;

3. Focus on scientific and technological progress, upgrading through technological transformation,  Improve the company's core competence;

4. Continue to do the work of saving energy, reduce costs, protect the environment,  promoting sound and fast development of the company

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