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Glass manufaturers in Fengyang got double orders and high economic efficiency

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With the global economy pick up and a series of insurance policies of expansion of domestic demand growth, Fengyang County glass manufacturers seize the opportunity, through the adjustment of industrial, to research and develop new products, receiving a large number of orders. Enterprise efficiency is significantly improved, speeding up the pace of building "Multi-billion dollar silicon (glass) Industrial Base ".

Sino-Japanese joint venture, Fengyang Hua Zhong Glass Co., Ltd.'s products are mainly exported into foreign countries. Last year, influenced by international financial crisis, the company lost much. But luckily, the company looked for the business opportunity to change the bad situation. First, it accelerated the development of new products; second, it changed its sales way and carried out orders for production. So far, the company has signed over 200 orders and developed over 30 new products, among which, 11 models products are tailor-made for international customers. During three months of this year, the company achieved a total sales income of more than 2000 million yuan. Now, in order to meet the needs of foreign customers, the company has successively developed a 10 variety of products and have put into the production.

The same with Hua Zhong Company, other glass manufacturers also have good sales. The county achieved GDP 4.73 billion yuan, up 12.5%; Above-scale industrial added value of 1.2 billion yuan, up 24.5%. The county completed 50 million yuan investment, among which in fixed assets 4.84 billion yuan, an increase of over 67.1%, achieving financial income 434 million yuan, an increase of 19%.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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