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Jinjing Technology: Industry boom, sales increase

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Jinjing Technology has three main business parts: Ordinary glass, ultra-white glass (solar energy use) and soda ash, in which ordinary glass has the largest number, ultra-white float glass grows fastest and sada ash is most flexibility.  The fast-growing solar energy industry promoted the development of the company. It is estamted that ultra-whith glass will be increased twcie more than before since 2010. Ordinary glass makert don't have any other significant change. The overall situation keep stable.

Basically the current capacity utilization rate of coastal soda companies is at full capacity. So the company expected it is very possible for the price to increase.

About Jinjing Technology

Jinjing Group (SGG) was born in Boshan Shandong --the place of origin of Chinese glass industry, Boshan Glass Company was founded in the land with the development history of 3000 years with the technology offered by German and with the found allocated by Qing Government in 1904.For this reason Boshan became the place of origin of the modern glass industry of China.SGG witnessed the honor, disgrace ,ups and downs in the nearly 100 years development of national glass industry.With the process of reform and opening up, SGG shouldered the historical responsibility and sought with efforts and expanded jointly and finally developed to a large-scale conglomerate which is specialized in developing , manufacturing ,processing and managing of glass and its extended products. It consists of the two listed companies- Shandong Jinjing Science and Technology Stock Co., Ltd and Qingdao Jinjing Stock Co., Ltd , Zibo Jinxing Glass Co., Ltd , Zibo Jinjing Technical Glass Co., Ltd , Jinjing Group Technical Center and R&D Institutes.

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