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The high-growth momentum of glass industry will continue to next first quarter

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In Q3, listed companies achieved  the first positive growth since the third quarter of 2008: Net profit of 393 million yuan, increased by 237.94% over the same period. The rate of increase is 271.11% much more than the second quarter.

Glass industry is going into the normal business cycle phase, in which, flat glass industry is in a strong rebound. Besides, the growth of Technical Glass Industry is relatively stable.

Many people in glass industry thought that under the pressure of re-production, the glass industry will be continued to increase untill the fisrt quarter in 2010. Because the pressure of the glass supply in the former three quarters in 2009 is not clear and the price in Q4 is influnced by seasonal factors, the price will be still at high position. Excess capacity and the government's policy will suppress theconcentrated re-production. Eliminate backward production capacity and technological upgrading can ease the pressure of re-production. In 2009, Glass demand in real estate market is relatively stable. Automotive Glass Demand is good. Export is improved. So it is impossible to digest the supply. At the same time, the price of soda ash and heavy oil made little influence on Industry profitability.

As Chine pay more attention on energy-saving and new energy development, Ultra-white glass and Low-e engineering glass will become the best beneficiaries. What's more, the rebound of foreign economic also will benifit Ultra-white glass and other PV industry.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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