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Gas shortage, Mingda Glass was facing difficulties

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Yesterday, Wuhan City  has been shrouded in snow as a whole. Located in Dunkou Development Zone, Mingda Glass(Wuhan)Co., Ltd. seemed dropped into an icehouse. Mingda Glass said if the gas still was not enough, the company would be over.

Gas is one of the necessary materials that the company need to keep furnace operating. The normal daily volume of gas is 150 thousand cubic meters, taking up one tenth of the whole city. But last day, the gas company reduced the gas supply to Mingda Glass. "Now, the plant was lack of gas supply. If continued, the furnace will be broken. As a result the production line with the investment of  700 million yuan will  be over." the vice president Mr. Wu worried about, "Due to the lower temperature, the furnace has some loopholes. The whole plant has stopped production. Mr.Wu lead the reporter to visit workshop. Pointing at a huge furnace, he said that the furnace was the life of Mingda Glass. There were 2500 tons glass water and over 10000 fire resisting  materials in it. The temperature should keep about 1700 ℃。 If the temperature couldn't be improved within 40 hours, the furnace will face the danger. Recently, the company has arranged several technological personnel to supervise the situation of furnace.

The technological personnel has linked dozens of diesel spray with the furnace to maintain the temperature. But each day, the furnace need over 50 tons diesel, while the plant only has 100 tons. What's more, the market is also lack of diesel and the plant can't buy diesel.

Since Mingda Glass put into production, its monthly output reach over 25 million yuan. But now due to unstable gas supply, the company lost 1.5 million yuan every day.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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