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TCL planned to raise 5 billion yuan to establish LCD panel production line

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TCL Group which was suspended nearly two weeks gave an announcement on Nov. 17 that the company decided to cooperate with Shenzhen Super-Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd.(Hereinafter referred to as Super-Science Company) to establish 8.5G liquid crystal panel (Thin-film transistor liquid crystal display TFT-LCD) production line in Shenzhen. And TCL Group has signed a contact with Super-Science Company on Nov. 16, 2009.

The announcement pointed out that the total investment was 24.5 billion yuan, construction funds 22 billion yuan, circulating fund 2.5 billion yuan. Project construction unit is Shenzhen, Huaxing  Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (Huaxing Electric ). The registered capital of Huaxing Electric is 10 billion yuan.  TCL Group and Super-Science Company invested 50%  respectively.

The new 8.5G LCD panel production line includes arrays, color film,  boxes and modules four production processes. The main products are 26-32 inches (50%), 46 inches (35%) and 55 inches (15%) LCD TV Module. Maximum processing capacity is of 100,000 / month. An annual output of LCD TV modules is of about 14 million.

The project construction period of 8.5-generation line is 20 months. Trial production is in August 201. The mass production of the first phase  is in March 2012  (input-glass substrate 60000 / month).  The mass production of the second phase is in December 2012 (Into glass substrates 100,000 / month).

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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