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U.S Leading Supplier Of Switchable Glass Announced Low Voltage Film And Final Switchable Glass

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Richardson, Texas-November 19th, 2009---U.S. leading supplier of switchable film and final switchable glass--Polytronix, Inc. announced full series of low voltage of switchable film and final switchable glass products to the market recently. Currently, there are 24Voltage, 48Voltage and 65 Voltage products available for Polyvision Privacy Film and final switchable glass. End users or designers can choice suitable Voltage Polyvision Privacy Glass products according to the specific applications.
Polytronix, Inc. is a leading company focus on LCD, LCM, PDLC products and assemblies. Based on Richardson, Texas, Polytronix, Inc supply switchable film and product in famous brand name Polyvision Privacy Glass since 1990s, now, this grand name have become the leading brand in switchable glass industry.
Polytronix, Inc set up its branch company-Polytron Technologies, Inc. in Taiwan for serving Eastern customers in the earlier of this new century. Polytron is a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality Polyvision™ Privacy Glass (switchable glass, Polyvision™ Film), POLYMAGIC™ LED Glass (LED glass, LED film), Polyholo™ Glass (holographic glass, Polyholo™ film), Polyflush™ Glass (Polyflush™ Film), Polynano™ Glass (nano glass), Polylow-E™ Glass (low-E glass, Polylow-E™ film), Polylens™ Glass (Polylens™ film) , LiteGlow™ Glass (LiteGlow™ Film) and Polyscreen™ Glass (Polyscreen™ films).
Polytron keep close relationship with designers, industrial agents, glass manufacturers and laminators, building material suppliers, glazing partners...etc. and have covered marketing network to more than 62 countries all over the world. Polytron Technologies, Inc. launched its branch company in China in Oct. of 2008.
About PolyvisionTM Privacy Glass
PolyvisionTM Privacy Glass is the most famous brand name in switchable glass industry, belongs to Polytronix, Inc, an American owned company dedicated to supply LCD, LCM, PDLC and relevant assemblies from Texas. It is the only top brand switchable glass with the capacity to produce original PDLC film in U. S. and processing switchable glass in both Texas and Taiwan. PolyvisionTM Privacy Glass keeps many leading technical records in switchable glass industry, like the widest size, lowest Voltage, Best privacy protection result…
About Polytronix, Inc
Polytronix has been a world leader in providing advanced LCDs and assemblies for all custom-made display needs. We are also the manufacturer of 'Polyvision' glass, commonly called PDLC privacy glass and or electrically switchable glass, having thousands of installations across the United States and all over the world since 1990. Unlike other similar products made overseas, 'Polyvision' glass has a proven field life over ten years. Polytronix, Inc have manufacturing base both in Texas and Taiwan (Taiwan Subsidiary: Polytron Technologies, Inc; China Subsidiary: Polytron Technologies (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.).
Mr.Sam Yu
Website: www.polytron.com.tw
North America (All products)/Europe(Polyvision Privacy Glass only)
Mr. Sam Shao
TEL +1-972-238-7045 ext. 140

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