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Landglass, the Leader of Air Convection Technology

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As the Low-E glass is characterized as low emissivity and energy-saving, it is getting more popular and widely used in building. However, the conventional radiation furnaces are facing difficulties in tempering soft-coated low-E glass because of its disadvantages, namely low emissivity.

To answer the call from the market, Landglass researched and developed a jet heating convection furnace. In this Jet Heating Furnace, the air at high temperature is blown onto the glass surfaces forcefully, so glass sheets can be heated quickly and higher temperature setting inside conventional radiation heating furnace for quick heating is not necessary for jet heating furnace, which successfully conquered the difficulties in low-E glass tempering. Furthermore, with zone high temperature control technology, the furnace is able to work for much longer lifespan!

After continuous improvements made by our engineers, our technology in convection heating has been the most advanced one in the world and Landglass has been the pioneer in convection furnace building.

On August 20th, 2008, Landglass successfully handed over the first 3m×10m jet heating furnace, which has drawn lot of attentions in the glass industry. The advantages of jet heating furnace can be listed as follows:

1. Shorten the heating time to 26-30s/mm, and lower the waviness to 0.1mm/300mm

2. Unique direct connection of hot air blower and air guiding technology, optimum structure and easy maintenance;

3. Unique zone high temperature control technology, which ensures long working life of the machine

4. Modular convection chamber leads to high precision and easy maintenance

5. inverter-controlled hot air blower and heating elements with variable capacity ensure desirable heating profiles and high quality products

6. Balanced heating on glass surfaces due to patented convection structure minimizes white haze and glass breaking inside the heating furnace.

7. Smooth air way and better air guiding minimize the resistance of air flow and increase the efficiency, which makes glass heating easy-controlled.

8. Matrix zone heating and intelligent control make precise temperature control possible, furthermore, zone temperature can be flexible and independent adjusted. In order to meet various requests from different customers for their target markets, Landglass diversifies jet heating furnace into different categories such as pure convection furnace, top convection furnace, multi heating chamber furnace, etc, which has satisfied the requirements of customers and earned praises from the customers.

After the breakthrough made by Landglass in convection heating technology, Landglass has also made remarkable progress in tempering control and monitoring, such as temperature holding technology of ceramic roller, infrared temperature scan device, water temperature alarm technology, anti-edge-overheating technology etc, which greatly ensure the quality of tempered glass.

Six years have past since the birth of first jet heating furnace, and jet heating convection furnace had been regarded as the most advanced and mature convection furnace in global glass processing industry. Jet heating convection furnace performs well while tempering clear glass, tinted glass, silk-screen printed glass and low-E glass in different thickness. Till now, Landglass jet heating convection furnaces take the largest market share worldwide and many of them have been exported to USA, Europe, Australia, and some other developed countries, which bring many profits back to the customers. Today, Landglass jet heating convection furnace not only enhances the status of Landglass, but also contributes lots in building an energy saving society!


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