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Sidelights on Landglass participating in VITRUM 2009

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Milan is the second largest city and the most important economic center of Italy. It is known as the “Economic Capital”. In the meantime, it is the important venue of renaissance from 14th to 16th century, the cradle of culture and arts, the hometown of many talents, the birth place of The Last Supper which is a famous work of Da Vinci, and the place where the famous Teatro alla Scala and European second largest church are located. The buildings, streets, showcases, pedestrians and fashions here, all embody the pursuit and longing for beauty of Milan people. Elegance and artistic romance spread everywhere, and charming fragrance emanates every moment.

On Oct. 28, 2009, VITRUM 2009 was opened in this charming city as scheduled. As a world technically leading supplier of glass tempering equipment, Landglass in details introduced Landglass’ advanced tempering technique and rich enterprise culture to the customers visiting its booth. Landglass’ unique technical advantage and innovative and win-win cultural charm deeply attracted the visitors coming here for inquiry and negotiation.

Although the European economy is still in the valley due to the impact of world financial crisis, this session was not as busy as last session. However, most of the visitors to Landglass’ booth showed their confidence in the future world economic development. They all deeply believed that the crisis will surely end and a new round of economic growth will surely come, thus they actively negotiated about the equipment purchase for their future development layout. They were very interested in Landglass’ full jet tempering technical solutions. They earnestly inquired about the technical performance in the production of relevant varieties from the sales staff, and signed the equipment purchase contract or entered into the letter of intent with the sales staff.

Landglass’ sales staff made deep communications with the old customers from European regions and carefully inquired about the conditions of their equipment running, production operation and market environment change. One old customer was very delighted after he came to Landglass’ booth, and he thumbed up repeatedly towards the sales staff. He introduced to others that recently his company received quite a lot of orders for tempering glass and this mainly benefited from his purchase of Landglass’ jet heating furnace. He said that Landglass’ jet heating furnace enabled a super low corrugation and a good flatness of tempered glass, therefore his company’s product quality was obviously superior to the surrounding opponents, and orders all came to his company. The present customers successively inquired of him the information about this equipment so as to help their purchase activities.

On the 31st day, VITRUM 2009 was successfully closed in Fiera Milano International Exhibition Center. During the four days’ exhibition, Landglass’ sales staff and a large group of new and old customers had a heart-to-heart talk together, which not only enhanced their mutual understanding and friendship, but also clearly unveiled the reasons of Landglass’ continuous growth of sales volume and constant increase of customers, which both benefit from the technical breakthrough and technical leading based upon continuous innovation, and also from the customers’ trust and good market reputation based upon the improvement of product quality and service quality. This also further firmed their confidence and determination to innovate technology and improve product quality and service level, for they have been deeply aware that “Butterfly will surely come provided that the flower is fragrant”, through this exhibition.

Source: Landglass Technology Co., Ltd Author: shangyi

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