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First Solar PV Construction appeared in Hunan, generating 50000 kWh/year

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A building installed with Monocrystalline silicon solar energy battery components roof appeared in Hunan Province. This Solar PV Construction is the first one appearing in Hunan Province. The building can generate 50000 kWh/year. Zhongnan Boyuan Building Solar photovoltaic demonstration project has recently been fully completed. This project is one of The first solar PV demonstration projects which are undertook by China Hydropower Consulting Group Zhongnan Survey and Design Institute.

Zhongnan Boyuan Building is located in the cross of Xiangzhang Rd. and Shawan Rd. in Changsha. There are 288 pieces of Single Crystal Silicon Photovoltaic Modules in the building's roof and non-Si glass curtain wall installed in the north wall. The building can generate 50000 kWh/year, equal to 4 months electricity consumption of the building.

Solar photovoltaic technology made by sun roof and glass curtain wall has been supported by construction department. Zhongnan Survey and Design Institute took Zhongnan Boyuan Building as an example and will continue to carry out the work of Building solar power project planning and overall planning for solar power generation in Turufan, Xinjiang.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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