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Corning Inc. looking into building glass melting facilities in China

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Although no timetable has been set, Corning Inc. is studying the possibility of building liquid crystal display glass melting facilities in China.

The impetus for the study is the recent announcement by several liquid crystal display panel makers that they plan to manufacture large-size panels in China.

The Twin Tiers' largest employer already has glass finishing operations in China, but its glass-melting operations are limited to Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and the U.S.

Chinese consumers have demonstrated a healthy appetite for liquid crystal display televisions, leading to a projected 50 percent increase in sales there next year.

Corning Inc. is talking with Chinese officials and glass customers about the potential move into China, where the company already manufactures ceramic inserts for catalytic converters on cars and trucks.

A decision on whether to locate glass melting in China could come as early as next year.

Corning Inc. in recent history has built new glass plants near its major customers to facilitate consultation and design and to minimize shipping costs.

Its factory in Sakai City, Japan, is adjacent to a plant where Sharp builds liquid crystal display televisions.

Which panel makers actually decide to locate in China will influence whether Corning Inc. follows suit.

Because Corning is familiar with China's manufacturing infrastructure, the company is confident there are no major barriers to producing liquid crystal display glass there.

Other manufacturers of liquid crystal display glass are attempting to enter the Chinese market, which will also influence Corning Inc.'s ultimate decision.

While the decision could be made as early as 2010, it could take years to build a functioning glass-melting factory in China.

Corning does have the option of speeding that process up by moving equipment from existing plants in Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Establishing its first glass-melting facilities in China would continue a decades-long trend that has seen more and more of Corning Inc.'s income generated by non-U.S. operations. More than half the company's profits already come from non-U.S. sources.

A move into glassmaking in China would likely continue to increase the amount of revenue and income the Twin Tiers' largest employer realizes outside the U.S.

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