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The manufacturers are looking for derailed rules to eliminate backward production capacity

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Jiangsu Wall Run Group Co., Ltd. was glad to hear the news that the plat glass was listed into the over capacity industry.

The manager said, "This is a good news for us. Though the situation of glass industry seems very well, while the new projects and planned projects are enough. As the result, the productuon capacity will appear in the glass industry. So it is nessary and timely that the country provided structural adjustment at this time. On one hand, the rules can  curb the blind development of the industry efficiently, reducing duplication; on the other hand, there are over 10% backward production capacity in flat glass industry. Only eliminate backward production capcacity first, then we can have much more space to develop advanced new industry."

In fact, Wall Run Group has been insisting the structural adjustment of projects and technologies for several years in order to develop the company. Gradually, the company achieved some success. At present, Wall Run Group is improving to only produce high quality of glass products inculding automative glass with 89.2% transmittance, which exceeds the most demanding of the light transmission rate of 89% of the Japanese standard.

Wall Run Group is ranked first in the glass industry for nearly ten years. This year, Wall Run Group invested 120 million yuan to transformed low-temperature waste heat power generation and desulphurization dust technology. Sulfur dioxide and soot emissions were lower than the national standard. The company not only reduced the cost bur also protected the enviroment.

Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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