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Hebei Daguangming Group held a commendatory meeting

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At the morning of Nov.30, Hebei Daguangming Group held a commendatory for the recent the fight against big snowstorm. The general manager, vice manager and other leaders attended this commendatory meeting. Director of Human Resources, Ma Mingyue hosted this meeting. Firstly, Fan Tanjing, director of manager department gave a report about the work of the fight against big snowstorm; The director of Juwuba Carbon Black Co., Ltd.,  Li Zongkui, Jiajing Glass Co., Ltd, Luo Zhansheng, respectively reported about the work of the disaster on behalf of the company. Ma read "Informed recognition of the task to fight among the big snowstorm of advanced decision of the staff. 129 outstanding staff were bulletin commended. At last, Liu, the general manager addressed important reports on general reviews, thanks criticism, education and guidance, encouragement, etc.

About Daguanming Group

The Hebei Daguanming Group founded in 1996 in Shahe, located at Shahe east west the ring circuit south tip of road, was the province well-known Private enterprise, the collection glass, the carbon black, the property development is a body's multiplication enterprise group. And take the glass, the carbon black as the leading industry, the present glass yearly produces 5,000,000 weight boxes, the carbon black yearly produces 110,000 tons. The company total assets amounts to 1,300,000,000 Yuan, presently has the staff more than 2000 people, the technical college above personnel accounts for 70%, on-the-job graduate student 10 people, senior technician personnel more than 360. The company in line with creates the high-quality goods creates the culture, by the rigorous highly effective modern business management, strengthens throughout carries out the science and technology to be in the lead, the quality win, to consummate the service, the mutually beneficial interaction, to scrupulously follow the prestige the principle, with the land's the service manufacturer establishment's stable cooperation, has formed primarily and radiates the overseas sales system and the network by the domestic sale market. in 2000 the group passed the IS09001 international quality system authentication, in 2003 strided in the province hundred strong enterprise advanced ranks, had the self-management import and export power and the foreign economic and technical cooperations power. in 2005 obtains the Hebei Province non-private economy to organize the talented person to promote education the Advanced unit, in 2005 the jumbo carbon black obtains the Hebei Province quality product, in 2007 group through quality, environmental management system authentication, in 2007 group through province environmental protection bureau clean production verification approval. Company overall development targets: In five years glass productivity Dari melts 2500 tons, the carbon black yearly produces 180,000 tons.

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