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China to lift threshold for cement and glass sectors

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It is reported that in January to October 2009 cement production was up by 18% at more than 1.3 billion tonnes while production of flat glass was up 2.5% to nearly 470 million weight boxes. Both sectors have successfully made deficits into surpluses.

Mr Xiong Bilin Inspector of Industrial Coordination Division NDRC said "Projects involving new capacity building or expansion in the steel industry will be refused approval while glass projects will no longer be put on the records of local governments. So investment in these two sectors will cool down."

As per report, the government will also lift the threshold for the two sectors making it harder for enterprises.

Mr Jia Yinsong, Inspector of Ministry of Industry & IT said "The ministry and related departments are now busy mapping out the threshold for the cement industry. The threshold for the high energy consumption and environmental protection sector will be lifted. The threshold for the glass industry has already been approved and will soon be released."

The government is to urge more mergers and acquisitions in the two sectors helping to increase industrial concentration.

Source: steelguru.comAuthor: shangyi

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