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Gerresheimer: Investment In The Future

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Gerresheimer Wilden steps up its activities in the field of training and further education Düsseldorf/Regensburg, November 2009: To ensure that wellqualified specialist employees are available tomorrow, it is essential to create a basis for this today through a good training program. Here Gerresheimer Wilden GmbH is active well beyond its traditional role as an apprentice trainer. In the Czech Republic it has launched a model project for dual training based on German principles; in cooperation with the Amberg-Weiden Technical University a Foundation Chair for Medical Technology has been established together with IMA Automation Amberg GmbH.
 In the Czech Republic young people first of all attend a vocational college and only afterwards apply to companies as qualified leavers. This has the disadvantage that they initially lack experience and expertise in operating practice. Gerresheimer Wilden therefore decided in collaboration with the Doma?lice Vocational College to launch the first model project for practically oriented training.“This cooperation marks a decisive step in the development of training for specialist employees in the Czech Republic,” said Manfred Baumann, Managing Director of Gerresheimer Wilden GmbH, at the signature of the agreement. For the Technical University as well, the signature of the declaration was an important moment. For the first time the principle of a dual training partnership between business and a vocational college, particularly on the Czech side, is being implemented – a model which will very probably be taken up as an example by further colleges.
The curriculum for the cooperation project was developed jointly by Doma?lice Vocational College and Gerresheimer Wilden. It provides for an equal content split between theory and practice, with practical instruction carried out largely in Gerresheimer Wilden. The project is closely coordinated with the school authorities in the Pilsen district. Further support is received from the project “We are Europe!” which will continue in the future to promote dual vocational training in the Czech Republic and ensure networking with the Bavarian vocational colleges. The first up-and-coming machine mechanics for plastic technology will commence their training in September 2010.
Bachelor’s course on medical technology From the summer term 2010 a bachelor’s course in medical technology will be offered by Amberg-Weiden Technical University (Weiden Department). Personnel costs and personnel-related expenses for the Chair for the new study area will be borne for five years by Gerresheimer Wilden GmbH and IMA Automation Amberg GmbH.“Through this Foundation Chair we are investing in our future,” says Manfred Baumann, explaining the company’s decision. “We cannot simply accept the impending lack of well educated employees – we want to be fit for the future and this includes well-trained engineers for the field of medical technology.”
The definition of the study content has also been undertaken by Gerresheimer Wilden together with Amber-Weiden Technical University. The key focus is on the subjects of production technology, development technology and licensing procedures. “The choice of training content was particularly important for us“, Manfred Baumann comments: “At the end of the day we need competent engineers who have been specially trained to meet our needs. They must speak the language of our customers – which is in part a specialist medical language – and on the other hand they must be able to talk equally precisely about the development and production of medical devices or the rules of good manufacturing practice and the procedures of the American licensing authority, the FDA.”

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