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Building Glass Industry: Overcome the difficulties, Success is in front

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According to the investigation, nearly 1.6 trillion yuan will be settle down instead of entering the area of investment in fixed assets this year. Suppose if adding 7 trillion yuan of new loans for next year, the increasing rate of  investment in the fixed assets  will be 26%, under the situation that 60% of 2009 a long-term precipitation loan.


Using principal component analysis, it predicted that the demand of cement  will reach 1.88 billion tons, an increase of 14% more than 2009. During 2009-2010, the output capacity of cement has reached 280 million tons. If backward elimination is amounted to 100 million tons next year, adding effective supply is still not enough to meet the increasing demand. The demand situation is optimistic. But the industry still bear a certain supply pressure in the first half of next year.


Judging from the situation of  new capacity, the regions with small supply pressure in 2010 are Northeast, east, north, Mid-South. Southwest and Northwest will bear heavier pressure. The price will show the trend that up in the east, down in the west.


The glass industry relative to the current market valuation levels are not low. But considering to the future situation of flat glass and the influence of the rapid development of Energy-saving emission reduction, photovoltaic power generation, we still remain the rate of "increasing and remaining". Key Recommend enterprises: South Glass A and Jinjing Technology.


Source: GlassInChinaAuthor: shangyi

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