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SORG:All-electric Forehearth Heating Article

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In 1978 a carefully controlled comparison showed that it was possible to save 85 % of the energy input to a forehearth by converting from gas to all-electric heating. Even though gas heated forehearths have become more efficient in the intervening years it is still possible to save more than 70 % of the energy by using immersed electrodes. However, the vast majority of forehearths are still gas heated.
The reason for this is the relative cost levels of gas and electricity as energy sources. In most industrial countries gas is easily available and cheap, whilst electrical energy is much more expensive per energy unit.
Nevertheless, there are exceptions, and in Korea, all-electric forehearth technology is proving attractive to container manufacturers on the basis of potential cost savings.
SORG has been involved in all-electric forehearth heating since 1978 (we were the supplier of the all-electric forehearth involved in the comparison) and we have supplied more than 80 systems in the intervening years. Now we have published an article in the December 2009 issue GLASS INTERNATIONAL which provides a review of electric forehearth heating technology.
As always, if you would like to see the article but do not have access to a copy of the magazine, just contact us on insider@sorg.de and we will happily send you a copy.

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