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Lumiglass launches new eco-friendly products

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Lumiglass Industries, a subsidiary of Glass, wholly-owned by Dubai Investments, has unveiled 3 new brands of eco-friendly laminated glass designed to meet a wide variety of application requirements.

One of the largest manufacturers of laminated safety glass in the Middle East, Lumiglass’ new range of architectural laminated glass includes the Priva-Lum privacy glass, Blind-Lum double-glazing glass, and the LED decorative glass. These products are aimed at catering to the growing market for architectural laminated glass, said a top official.

“With the launch of these eco-friendly products, Lumiglass extends its product range and provides customers with a wider selection of high-performance laminated safety glass,” said Faisal Rashid, general manager of Glass.

“With glass becoming a core structural and design element in the construction of virtually every type of building, there is today a strong demand for high-quality laminated glass, both to ensure impact safety and for decorative and utilitarian purposes,” Rashid added.

“Lumiglass, with its high production capacity and advanced processing technologies, is uniquely positioned to cater to the requirements of this growing market,” he noted.

Sultan Al Zarif, general manager of Lumiglass Industries, said, “At Lumiglass, we are constantly seeking to introduce new product innovations, and we further explore the amazing versatility and potential of laminated glass with the launch of our new product range.”

Lumiglass’ Priva-Lum privacy glass is an ideal solution for any location in any type of building where temporary privacy is required, avoiding the need for curtains.

The LED-Glass, on the other hand, is a decorative laminated glass for external and internal applications in buildings, where the glass itself is internally illuminated by means of LEDs wirelessly embedded in the PVB interlayer and linked into a circuit by means of an invisible clear conductive coating.

In addition to the launch of the above two products, Lumiglass has reintroduced its Blind-Lum brand to satisfy a growing market for double-glazing. Blind-Lum is especially suitable for hospital buildings where sterile conditions are vital and where it is highly undesirable to have any dust accumulation on conventional blind-systems.

“Lumiglass has also been witnessing strong demand for its Armour-Lite bullet resistant glass as well as for its flagship Lumi-Lam architectural laminated glass,” Al Zarif said. “In fact, Lumiglass holds the distinction of being the largest producer of bullet-resistant glass in the GCC.”

Lumiglass’ Armour-Lite bullet-resistant glass, which features multi-ply laminated glass, is designed to reduce death and injury from bullets in the event of an attack, while still providing the aesthetic and transparent qualities of normal glass.

Armour Lite is ideal for installation in banks, prisons, payroll offices, airports, embassies, police stations, and armoured vehicles.

Lumiglass is the first company in Dubai to attain the ASI (Accreditation Services International) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accreditations, as well as the first company to attain the ECE R-43 and DOT 80 certifications for automotive glass safety.

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