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There is fierce competition in Chengdu Crystal Light Industry

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At present, there are over 200 clamp businesses in Chengdu Market. The businesses is dealing with various brands of crystal light. There is fierce competition in Crystal Light Industry in Chengdu.


Although there are many brands in Chengdu Market, the well-known brands are very rare. Many of there brands just take up a small market in the first-grade cities. Especially since this year, there are more and more operators going to the crystal light business. Image stores are emerging. But  most of them just collect many brands of crystal light, while single brand store is few. In risk, crystal light need a large number of money. The costs of model, inventory, renovation are high. The price of hi-tech crystal light is high, which mainly rely on the sales of old customers. Besides, the main difficulty is that cash flow cycle is long, the speed ot D&P new style is slow. As a result, the sigle store cannot have profit.


Heard from Wang Yaping of Haomen lighting, the main reason that more and more crystal light shops appear in Chengdu is due to the further developing market. Manufacturers and distributors all pay more attention on the establishment of crystal light brands. They meet the expand of consumer market, open Exclusive Shop to create a good atmosphere for the sale.


Besides, with the fierce competition, the companies should make efforts to develop and design new styles and complete after-sales service.

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