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Pneumofore: Celebrating 50 Years Of Work

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An F200 air compressor from 1960 has been running round the clock ever since. Designed and sold by the first Pneumofore generation in the person of Mr. Jakob Hilfiker, this unit is the oldest moving object or machine still functioning at the "Crown Imballaggi" plant in Calerno, Italy.

Almost 50 years of work and still in good shape. This is what we understand for durability of compressors. The F200 unit n. 9044 is water cooled, rotates at 735 rpm for 8 bar pressure.

With minimal maintenance need and simple overhauling, this machine keeps on pumping air while other younger compressors fail to perform constantly over few decades only. Half a century life of a thermodynamical machine produced by Pneumofore is not a target, but a fact. "Life Cycle Cost: we always win", any question?

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