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Cao Dewang was selected as "Top 10 Economic figures in China's Economy"

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On December 20, the 2nd "Top 100 China's economic List, Top 100 Chinese brands" , the 4th "People's Social Responsibility Award" was announced in the Great Hall. The director of Fuyao Group, Cao Dewang was selected as "Top 10 Economic figures in China's Economy". At the same time, Fuyao Group was awarded as "Top 20 Chinese R&D brands".


For the honor, Cao Dewang said, “The honor does not prove that my great. There are so many entrepreneurs in China. I'm only a drop in the ocean. At present, my company is not large enough and can not be listed on the top 500 Chinese enterprises. But my group is listed on Top 500 Chinese taxed enterprises.  I am proud of this. Not long ago, among thousands of listed companies in China, Fuyao Group was selected as "Top 10 China Board of Directors ". These honors are the reorganization by the Government and the customers to our group's 20 years' hard work. I am very happy."


About Fuyao Group


Fuyao Group is a joint venture corporation founded in 1987 in Fuzhouspecialized in production of automotive safety glass and industrial technological glass, and is the first company of the trade in China listed in the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1993 named Fuyao Glass with the share code number 600660. The group has over 10000 employees and built automotive glass production bases in Fuqing, Changchun, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing and the modern float glass production bases in Fuqing of Fujian, Shuangliao of Jilin, Tongliao of Inner Mongolia, and Haikou of Hainan, and has established a complete production and sales network across the country. The total assets have accrued from 6.27 million yuan when registered in 1987 to 9.0 billion yuan of the present. It is a transnational company with business offices in America, Japan, Korea, Australia, Russian, Germany, West Europe, and East Europe, etc.

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