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Glass Recycling to End at UW

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  • Post Time:2013/10/15
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October 14, 2013 — University of Wyoming Recycling will no longer accept glass effective Monday, Oct. 21.


UW currently partners with ARK Regional Services to process most of the commodities it collects, including glass. For financial reasons, ARK has decided to no longer process glass effective Nov. 1, says Tod Scott, UW Custodial Services manager. He says ARK has been losing $35 a ton on glass and can no longer subsidize glass collection.


Because ARK was UW Recycling’s only broker for glass, and we have not found any other viable options at this time, UW Recycling will no longer be able to accept glass,” Scott says. “We will continue to look for options and, if one is found, we will resume glass collections.”


UW Recycling will continue to process aluminum cans, plastic bottles, milk jugs, #2 HDPE plastics, steel cans, white paper, colored paper, newspaper/magazines, shredded paper and corrugated cardboard.

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