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  • Product Sort:Resin Wheel
  • Contact Person:Feng Yao
  • Location:Guangdong China
  • Post Time:2011/6/24
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Detail Information:
Resin Wheel for Straight line Edger, Mitering Machine Outer Diameter * Center Hole * Crown Width * Crown Height 150 * h(11;12;22;25;50;70 or other) * 10 * 10 150 * h(11;12;22;25;50;70 or other) * 15 * 10 150 * h(11;12;22;25;50;70 or other) * 20 * 10 Features: 1. Efficient, 2. High-quality, 3. Long life DIAMOND TOOLS, GLASS TOOLS FOR GLASS KM glass working tooling is known throughout the industry for excellence in glass processing engineering. Founded in 2004, the KM Glass Machinery Company Limited has manufactured diamond tools, grinding wheels and glass working machineries for almost 7 years, KM also trades the best quality glass tools from China and well-know companies from international, KM has become one of the key supplier of glass tools and machineries in China. KM glass working machines are specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of heavy production with superior performance and minimal maintenance, and they are sold to all over the world. For processing glasses, KM manufactures a wide range of tools for glass edge grinding, polishing, hole drilling, KM also trade tools for sandblasting, handling and cutting ect., KM diamond wheels and polishing wheels are considered to be the top quality wheels for glass edger grinding machines in China, especially KM diamond wheels can replace most Italian wheels in lots of applications. Choosing KM is the first step to reduce your glass processing costs. OUR PRODUCTS GLASS MACHINERY PARTS & TOOLS: Glass Resin Wheels, Accessories, Digital Cameras, Glass Polishing Wheels, Felt Wheels, Stone Wheels, Fine Polishing Wheels, Coating Removal Wheels, BD Polishing Wheels, BK Polishing Wheels, 9R Polishing Wheels, 10S Polishing Wheels, Glass Drill Bit, Sinter Drill Bits, Plating Drill Bits, Large Size Drill Bits, Alloy Drill Bits, Glass Milling Cutter, Glass Sandblasting Fittings, Glass Tools, Glass Suction & Lifters, Glass Cutter, Glass Pliers, Grinding Tools, Cutting Discs, Glass Power Tools, UV, Testing Tools, Other Glass Relatings, Glass Working Protection Ware, Glass Decoration Tools, Glass Machine Parts, Water Chuck & Adapter, Plastic & Rubber Parts, Glass Machinery Suckers, Electrical Parts, Water Proof Parts, Mechanical Parts, Glass Polishing Cerium Oxide, Glass Diamond Wheels, Diamond Cup Wheels, Diamond OG Wheels, Diamond Peripheral Wheels. GLASS WORKING MACHINERY: Glass Straight Line Edging Machine, Glass Double Edging Machine, Glass Bevelling Machine, Glass Cutting Machine, Glass Shape Edging Machine, Glass Variable Mitering Machine, Glass Drilling Machine, Glass Washing & Drying Machine, Glass Sandblasting Machine, Glass Laminating Machine, Glass Grinding Machine.

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