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glass frosting paste Effect: after printing, frosting pollution-free more environmentally friendly, does not change color off, beautifully designed. Advantages: simple operation, easy to use, fast frosting, reusable, frosting cost is low. Product description: This product in combination with silk screen printing, the pattern produced on the surface of the flat glass frosting, can be used for rapid mass production of the same pattern glass frosting products. Using this product can replace the traditional plastic sandblasting and coating wax protection operations methods, for example, corporate LOGO, the international board, office partition, family hotel lock, etc. Various kinds of glass craft manufacture, Note: 1. In sand casting process, protective gloves and safety glasses should be worn. 2. If the product is accidentally splashed in the eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water in a timely manner. 3. It is strictly prohibited this product into the mouth

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