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Low iron patterned solar glass

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Low iron patterned solar glass is also called photovoltaic glass and energy saving glass, which is mainly used on solar panel, because of its super light transmittance rate. Solar panel is a thin layer of optoelectronic semiconductor which converting solar energy into electricity. By considering its efficiency, we are using High-transmittance and low reflection glass for its panel. This high strength glass maintains the best image quality by elimination and unwanted distortions with the advanced optical technology. Types Available 1. Low Iron Patterned Glass(annealed) 2. Low Iron Float Glass(no pattern) 3. Tempered Low Iron Patterned Solar Glass Solar glass/low iron patterned solar glass/photovoltaic solar glass is a specially developed glass for solar cell. Low iron patterned solar glass is made of unique formulation and high quality material with iron content less than 120PPM. By adopting international first-rate production technology and equipment, low iron patterned solar glass has special suede and flower pattern design. Low iron patterned solar glass has the characteristics of high luminousness, high stability, waterproof and high safety factor, etc. Our low iron patterned solar glass has become the first selected product of solar cells, solar water heater assembly. Anti-reflective Coating Photovoltaic Solar Glass Though adding AR film coated on the Solar glass, we can get higher Light transmittance and Lower light reflectance. Solar coated glass in the solar ultra clear glass is plated anti reflective film and then processed by the strengthening of the products. Anti-reflective Coating Photovoltaic Solar Glass can effectively reduce solar reflectance, thereby improving through the solar ratio, ultimately improve solar generating capacity. Quality Standards JC/T 2001, Chinese standard. EN 572.5, European standard. EN 12150.1, European standard. Applications: Low iron patterned solar glass/ Solar low iron glass can be used as both front panel glass of thin-film solar cell and decoration glass for BIPV program. Low iron patterned solar glass/ Solar low iron glass not only can meet the day lighting needs indoor but also can meet photovoltaic efficacy, so low iron patterned solar glass/ solar low iron glass will be the main trend in future. Solar low iron glass/ low iron patterned solar glass is used as green house glass, which accelerate plants photosynthesis, shorten the period of growth, helping clients to gain more economic benefits. Low iron patterned solar glass is the ideal encapsulation material for solar panels (PV modules) and the flat solar thermal products. With its extreme sun light transmittance and visible light transmittance, solar low iron glass/ low iron patterned solar glass is widely used as solar PV cell cover (thin-film front panel), flat-type solar thermal collector, solar greenhouse, solar curtain wall, solar mirror, concentrated solar cells and other new energy fields. Applications - Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells - Solar water heater Specifications: Specifications and performance properties: 1. Thickness: 3.2mm_12mm Tolerance: 3.2mm and 4.0mm±0.2mm 2. Dimension: Max. 2250mm x3500mm(annealed) 1830X2600 mm(tempered) 3. Pattern: Prismatic/matt-finished; Matt-finished/matt-finished; low iron float glass 4. Solar transmittance: (3.2mm polished samples ISO9050/2003) >=91.7%, without AR coating >=94.7%, with AR coating 5. Iron content: <=120ppm(Fe2O3) 6. Poisson's Ratio: 0.2 7. Density: 2.5g/CC 8. Young's Modulus: 73 GPa 9. Tensile Strength: 42MPa 10. Hemispherical Emissivity: 0.84 Competitive Advantage: Low Iron Solar Glass takes full advantages of the diffuse reflection of the pattern to decrease the light reflection, thus low iron solar glass has a very high solar transmittance at any angle incidence. Meanwhile, the low iron content of less than 120 ppm enables a very low solar absorbance by the glass itself, and on the contrary increases the transmittance. With the non-toxic chemical composition, low iron patterned solar glass completely conforms to the rigorous environmental requirement of Europe, USA and Japan. Features 1. High light transmission, more than 91.6% 2. Low optical defects with high quality 3. Easily to be cut, coated and tempered, no pattern or with pattern Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Northglass Model Number: Solar glass Certification: CE, ASTM, CSI, etc Minimum Order Quantity: One 20ft container Price: 6-32usd/sqm FOB Packaging Details: Strong wooden crates with steel banding for export Delivery Time: 15-25days Payment Terms: 30% T/T advance, balance paid before shipment Supply Ability: 300tons/day

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