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High quality insulating glass

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Common insulating glass: Are made of two-sheet or multi-sheet of glass, and the units are sealed by two process of sealing with high strength and high airtight compound sealing material. The air inside the gas is dried efficiently by the dessicant inside the aluminum frame. With low thermo conductivity, it can efficiently prevent heat from losing and thereby achieve the effect of energy-saving and preventing condensation. Special gas insulating glass: Adopt rapid inflation inflation technology, it can fill krypton, argon and sulphur fluoride into the cavity to ensure airtightness and water tightness to prolong the lifespan of insulating glass. Structural insulating glass: Is the ideal choice of curtain wall glass in high-grade construction, supported by the novel DOT supporting systems, it has replaced the traditional metal frame to reach good light penetrability and best visual effect. Glaverbel sunergy insulating glass: Has fine anti-sun and heat-insulating property. The u value of sunergy glass has dropped to 1.8w/m2k compared with 2.9 w/m2k of tradition al glass. When the outdoors temperature is very low. It can obtain excellent energy-saving effect thus keep the indoor temperature. As well as sunergy is suitable in heat regions and save the power consumption of air conditioner. Uses: Integrated with coating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, it can obtain various best effect. It has been widely used in high-grade construction. Tower blocks for office, hotel. Computer room, airport and refrigerator. Especially used in place where temperature control and dew condensation is recommended. Specification: Thickness: 3-12mm Max size: 2500-3600mm Min size: 200x400mm

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ISO9001AS/NZS 2208:1996AS/NZS 2208:1996

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