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Globalstar Frameless Mirror is made by advanced grinding machines. The beveled edges are a common aesthetic nicety added to mirrors. APPLICATION: AEON Frameless Mirror is widely used various spots. ·Floor Mirrors ·Wall Mirrors ·Bathroom Mirrors SHAPES: Shown below are just a few of the many shapes you have to select from for your mirror needs: Rectangle Boat Pentagon Circle Triangle Hexagon Oval Trapezoid Octagon Racetrack Parallelogram Other If the shape you need is not shown we can probably still do it for you; To verify that we can cut the shape you desire we will need a drawing or diagram of the shape. A pattern may also be required before we can cut the glass for you. For more information on your specific needs please contact us.

SPECIFICATION: Mirror Types: Silver Mirror, Aluminum Mirror, Copper Free and Lead Free Mirror and Safety Mirror Colors: Clear, Ultra Clear Blue, Green, Bronze, Grey etc.

Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm Sizes: as per your request

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