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High-transparent Low-E Glass

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Product Details

Low-E Glass

Shandong Blue Glass Technology is the biggest manufacturer of Low-E glass in Shandong Province. The Low-E glass produced by SBGT is outstanding in energy efficiency and in aesthetics with various colors, thus being the primary choice in architectural design.

Nowadays pursuing large daylighting glass area in architectural design becomes popular, and Low-E glass is widely used for energy efficiency consideration. According to the structure of Low-E coating, Low-E glass may be classified as single silver Low-E glass, double silver Low-E glass, Triple Silver Low-E glass and so on.

Single Silver Low-E Glass
Within the coating structure of single silver Low-E glass, there is one silver layer. Single Silver Low-E glass has been widely used in various buildings at different locations worldwide.



  • Visible light transmittance— adequate indoor natural daylighting.
  • Solar energy transmittance — a wide range of shading coefficient SC available, for different geological locations.
  • High far infrared reflectance — low U-value, reduced thermal transfer due to temperature difference.


Double Silver Low-E Glass
Within the coating structure of double silver Low-E glass, there are two silver layers. While maintaining the same visible light transmittance, it has lower shading coefficient, SC, than single silver Low-E glass. In other words, it filters the sunshine as a cool lighting source to a larger extent and provides a solution to energy efficiency in design of high transparency architectures.


  • Higher visible light transmittance — ensuring better natural lighting
  • Extremely low solar heat transmittance — effectively impeding solar heat radiation.

Triple Silver Low-E Glass
Within the coating structure of triple silver Low-E glass, there are three silver layers. As a result, triple silver Low-E glass performs better against solar heat than double silver Low-E glass and is currently the best silver based Low-E glass in terms of high visible light transmission and energy efficiency. Triple silver Low-E glass is suited for high transparency buildings with special solar shading requirement.

The differences among various types of glass is reflected in their spectral data as shown in the following figure

China Glass Network

Bendable and Post-Temparable Low-E Glass
Ordinary Low-E glass cannot be bent and post-tempered after coating which limits larger scale application of Low-E glass and promotion of energy efficient buildings. In view of the prevailing conditions and economic development all over the world, SBGT has developed Low-E coatings made of new materials which can be bent and post-tempered after coating to meet the need of curved Low-E glass in current architectural design practice. The new Low-E glass has been widely used in a number of large buildings home and abroad. SBGT has established a sound foundation for popularization of Low-E glass and made new contribution to the undertaking of energy efficient buildings in China.


  • Can be bent and post-tempered after coating.
  • Has optical properties and energy efficiency as ordinary Low-E glass.

Dimensions of standard sheet (mm): 2440x3660, 2400x3300, 2100x3300
Maximum dimension (mm): 3300x6000
Minimum dimension (mm): 300 x 800
Thickness (mm): 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19
The other thicknesses and sizes may be available upon request.

Conforming to GB/T18915.2, the Chinese standard.

Notes for use
Acoustic and thermal insulation:
Filling argon (Ar) in the Cavity of insulating glass may further lower the U-value, and raise the sound reduction index, Rw. Detailed data is available from the sale offices of SBGT.

Prevention of thermal breakage :
When products with solar energy absorbance approaching to or above 70% are selected, it is recommended that the products be tempered or heat-strengthened to prevent breaking due to thermal stress.

Selection of color:
The colors listed in the performance data table are outdoor natural reflective colors. When the background color changes, the observed reflective color may also change accordingly, therefore, the products should be observed at different locations from different angles for color selection.

Shandong Blue Glass Technology Co., Ltd.



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