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Product Details

Insulating Glass is made of two or more pieces of glass sheets and use sealant gumming glass piece and aluminum spacers which was filled with desiccant together. Insulating glass with the perimeter of the spacer that gets in contact with the glass is properly sealed with primary and secondary sealants to ensure its air tight. Due to its perfect sound insulation and energy saving performance, the modern most popular used glass would be blow hollow glass.

Performance characteristics

1. Thermal insulation: with low heat gain and heat loss value (low U value)

2. Light transmission: appropriate level of solar transmission and solar reflectance can be selected to meet the design and functional requirement.

3. Noise insulation: insulated glass/hollow glass/double glazing glass, can reduce noise level by 30 dB. With inert gas in-filled, a 5 dB further reduction can be achieved.

4. Condensing prevention: The insulated glass/hollow glass/double glazing glass units are designed to withstand down to -65°C without condensing, far exceeding the National Requirement of -40°C.

5. Leak-proof: to ensure the insulated glass/hollow glass/double glazing glass, air tight, automatic bending machine is used for all four corners bending, with use of linear connector for the spacer. A dual seal system is adopted with PIB as primary seal, and silicone or polysulfide as secondary seal.

Company Advantage

• Shandong Blue Glass Technology Co., Ltd is the biggest glass production base in Shandong province. And we have introduced one ZGD50/24 LOW-E production line with an investment of 100 million yuan, two imported full-automatic cutting production lines, two srong-covection double -chamber tempering furnace production lines, three full-automatic hollow glass production lines imported from Germany, and autoclave glue clamping production lines.


• 5,000 square meters plant and three full- automatic hollow glass production line

• 12 workers per line

• maximum size: 3660*2440mm; minimum size: 300*300mm

• interspaces: 6mm, 9mm ,12mm ,15mm

Business Code:

Energy-saving hollow glass,

Hollow glass for curtain walls,

Hollow glass for doors and windows,

Explosion resistant insulating glass,

Safe insulating glass.

Shandong Blue Glass Technology Co., Ltd.



CCC of Tempered GlassCCC of Tempered GlassCCC of Hollow Glass

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Low-E glass,insulating glass,laminated glass,Coated glass,tempered glass,heat reflective glass



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