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ultra-clear glass with SGP film

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Huakai (HUAKAI-SGP) safety film Huakai SGP glass intermediate film is laminated glass products in the latest invention; it makes the performance of laminated glass beyond the existing technology. As the world's first polymer Science Company, before it is USA DuPont Co only can provide a series of laminated glass Products Company. Huakai after years of efforts, has successfully developed the SGP film, the monopoly of foreign markets, the following is the introduction of Huakai SGP film. SGP performance is introduced: the bullet proof glass - Huakai can not only provide has broken the integrity of the multilayer bulletproof glass with ordinary film, but also can provide Huakai patent product HUAKAI-SGP film new (hereinafter referred to as SGP), H.P. White laboratory and the National Institute of justice standard test show that, laminated glasses made of the same thickness glass and laminated glass properties of polycarbonate quite. Acts of terrorism explosion protection in the world requires a new government standards to maintain integrity and avoid the glass near the accident brings the spatter glass damage. Laminated glass is made of 2.3 mm thick SGP successfully resisted up to 200Kpa (30psi) overvoltage bulletproof glass. Anti invasion by ASTMF-1233 test, laminated glass containing 9.1 mm and 14.3 mm thickness of SGP can reach ASTM level two and level three protection requirements, but also to the prison windows standard, laminated glass poly ester made from SGP and the same carbon thickness in the ASTM test integrated in are equivalent at the performance. Security and anti storm - inclusion of debris and wind pressure wind, glass is the most weak link, this not only destroy the building and home items and destroying buildings itself. SGP should be in a large area and anti cyclic pressure glass window, improve the ability to resist the storm of laminated glass. Laminated glass is made of SGP can also alarm. Automobile safety - provides excellent safety performance of automobile side windows application for SGP hardness and toughness. SGP features: one, compared with PVB film, its strength is greater, more transparent, is the best configuration of the ultra white glass. Two, the tear strength of SGP laminated glass intermediate film is five times that of ordinary PVB, hardness is one hundred times that of PVB. Bulletproof glass is the best. Application of laminated glass SGP production: bulletproof glass, explosion-proof glass; mainly used in armored cars, prison, the bank open ceiling glass glass staircase (it can be very good with metal sticking together) railing - America hurricane resistant market, SGP production of glass window through the building regulations concerning hurricane resistant at the United States South Florida. All kinds of high speed train windshield.

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