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15mm Tempered Glass

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Product Details

Tempered, toughened glass is heated to the temperature that near soft point, the surface resulting from the rapid cooling homogeneity has powerful compressive stress, the glass is double increase in all mechanical performance indexes. The surface stress value for tempered glass is more than 90Mpa and 24-69Mpa for the semi-tempered or toughened glass.

The feature of tempered glass:

High intensity: The bending strength of tempered glass is 3-4 times than common glass and the shock strength is 6-7 times than common glass.

Heat stability: Tempered glass has good thermal stability can withstand a range in 300temperatures, which is 3 times than common glass.

Security: Because of the stress layer of tempered glass, thus has strong shock resistance, make its not easy to damage, and it will not cause greater harm to human body when the broken glass after obtuse angle formed by small particles.

Toughened glass is also called heat enhancement or tempered glass, its strength is 1.5 to 2 times of ordinary annealed glass, thermal stability is twice as common annealed glass, toughened glass of flatness is approach to ordinary annealed glass and far superior to toughened glass, its biggest advantage is that there is no explosive's ills, but once causing damage, it still produces larger pieces and after its damage easily hurt the body, but its security is better than ordinary annealed glass.

Maximum processing size: 11000 mm * 3000 mm

Minimum processing size: 200 mm * 300 mm

The range of glass thickness: 4 mm to 25 mm


Introduction for the manufacture and supply of toughened glass


A. The selection of float glass pane in storage


Access to the next process after the quality inspection offloat glass



B. Glass cutting by automatic cutting machine


Access to the next stage after glass cutting quality inspection



C. Glass edge grinding


Access to the next stage after edge grinding quality inspection




D. Glass cleaning


Access to the next stage after cleaning the glass



E. Glass tempered into toughening furnace 7,Tempered



F. Clean once more by deionized water


G. The tempering finish.9,send to other processing shop

Access to the next stage after the quality inspectionof tempered glass


H. Packaging





I. The container loading after the package checking



J.Leading Time:10 days for an average area of 1000 square meters tempered glass


K. Trade terms: FOB and CIF.


L. Payment Terms: By TT, 30% deposit to start producing, full amount balance paid beforedelivery.


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