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21.52mm laminated Glass

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Product Details

Laminated glass is processed via high temperature and high pressure after bonding with two layers or multiple layers of glass by polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film. Laminated glass which is produced with transparent film is similar with the ordinary annealed glass on appearance, but as a result, the toughness of PVB filmis very good, the film will quickly absorb a large number of impact energy when the laminated glass impacted by external forces, and make it attenuated. So, the laminated glass is hard to be breakdown, and as a result of the film adhesive ability, it will not fall off after the glass is broken, it can maintain an excellent integrity, there are still certain shielding performance, it can not only hurt the human body due to the scattered glass, but also there is enough time to replace glass. Therefore, laminated glass as a true sense of safety glass is widely used in building windows and doors, curtain wall, daylighting roof, skylight, ceiling and indoor glass partition, showcase, counters and other occasions.

Maximum processing size: 2500 mm * 8000 mm

Minimum processing size: 200 mm * 300 mm

The range of glass thickness: 6.38mm to 50 mm

Glass processing category: Flat laminated glass, curved laminated glass, colorful laminated glass.

Haiyang Shunda company introduced the super large laminated autoclaves, 13 meters long, high rate of using and output, well-distributed heating. The homogenization can be done within the autoclave, and equipped with reverse osmosis deionized water system and constant temperature, constant humidity, super clean production environment, make the production of product quality and service life guaranteed effectively.


  Laminated glass

A. The selection of suitable float glass pane in storage 88.jpg

Access to the next process after the quality inspection of float glass



B. The measurements of glass to be cut as customized


 Access to the next stage after glass cutting quality inspection



 C. Perfect glass edge grinding


  Access to the next stage after edge grinding quality inspection


D. Cleaning by deionized water


Access to the next stage after cleaning the glass


E.  Tempered treatment,Bending tempered treatment  


Access to the next stage after the quality inspectionof tempered glass



F. Cleaning by deionized water


Access to the next stage after cleaning the glass



G. Glass pressure in the constant temperature and humidity bioclean room





H.  Heating and rolling

I.  Inspection during the production process

J.  Vacuumizing treatment in autoclave


Inspection during the production process



K. For subsequent processing and Packaging




L. Leading Time:10 days for an average area of 1000 square meters

    tempered glass

M. Trade terms: FOB and CIF. 

N. Payment Terms: By TT, 30% deposit to start producing,

     full amount balance paid before delivery. 

O.  Loading and transport





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