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Since the clean glass (clear contrast)

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Product Details

Self-cleaning glass

Using of solar energy, rain and wind scouring, maintaining thecleaning of environmental ecological function glass.

Self-cleaning glass is an on line coating function glass that adopted special pyrolysis technology and produced via Chemical Vapor Deposition on the glass substrate.

The special ingredients of coating has significant layer of photocatalysis. It can disintegrate, dispersion and dissolved dust and other organic residue, make it impossible to stick on the surface of glass. Due to the unique hydrophilic of coating layer or artificial flushing, the water can be fully spread out to form a water film on glass surface and thoroughly flushed the residual dirt on glass surface, so as to complete the self-cleaning process.

The self-cleaning glass coating layer of online production is fastness, it can be toughened, hot bending, and also can be composited to double or laminated glass with other varieties of glass. Its self-cleaning function is not only greatly reducing the cleaning costs of building glass curtain wall maintenance, but also always keep the curtain wall appearing pure and fresh, presenting a pleasant sensual pleasure to the people.

Maximum  processingsize:11000mm*3000mm

Minimum processing size: 200mm*300mm

The range ofglass thickness:4mm-19mm


 Self-cleaning glass

 A. The selection and homogenizationof float glass pane 

 B. Glass material melting

 C. Molten tin bath forming

 D. Annealing



 E. Chemical vapor deposition coating(Self-cleaning coating)




 F.  Glass cutting by automatic cutting machine




  G. Optical detection

   H.  Human Check




 I. Inspection before packaging

 J.Sheet removing, isolating, drying and Packaging



K. Leading Time:10 days for an average area of 1000 square

     meters tempered glass


L. Trade terms: FOB and CIF. 


M. Payment Terms: By TT, 30% deposit to start producing,

      full amount balance paid before delivery. 


N. The container loading after the package checking











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